About Us

Do you love unique t-shirts, seasonal items and handy pets items to keep your pet happy? So do we! That’s why we have teamed up with manufactures to deliver you high-quality, exclusive products.


Capital Feather Mission

We just like to add a bit of uniqueness into your world. Things like unique t-shirts and adorable seasonal items add a little brightness to your day. We are also huge pet lovers and believe that our pets life should be as happy and easy as can be! After all, they bring us so much joy every day! 


Why Choose Capital Feather?

When you shop with us, you’ll see the Capital Feather difference by enjoying your unique items daily. Furthermore, we believe that even though we live in an era of instant gratification wasteful packaging is out of fashion. To be more environmentally conscious we want to prevent back and forth shipping and we do not want to generate packaging waste. For this reason, we offer a more earth-friendly means of shipping. 

We make sure that our unique and handy items are shipped directly from our manufacturer. In this way, we can send your products one time and in one set of original packaging. This way waiting for your package a bit longer than a few days is your contribution to a sustainable and clean earth.